You can't escape! We are all part of this Collective Madness!


Madness on the shelves at Zine Society “Library” Exhibition from October 24th 2015 - January 19th, 2016 at CentralTrak

Also appeared at Houston Zine Fest, October 17

irrational.City, Tour the Chaos of Post-Apocalyptic Dallas, Texas.

Photo Novella Madness #4, Now available!

Link to PDF (low res), (hi res) also in print at Keith's Comics.

Links, Reviews and Previews

Reviews, Links and Previews of www.irrational.City exhibition, Bath House Cultural Center

"Witness the Post-Apocalyptic Chaos of Irrational City", Lauren Smart, Dallas Observer

"Have a Nice Day,Visions of the Apocalypse in Irrational City", Lee Escobedo, Arts+Culture

"The One Art Exhibit Opening in Dallas This Weekend", Peter Simek,  D Magazine

"Dwayne's World — Irrational City at the Bath House", JR Compton, Dallas Arts Revue

Glasstire Top Five pick, July 2, 2015

"Artists imagine the end", Enrique Fernandez Cervantes, White Rock Lake Weekly

"Where Is Dallas' Zine Scene?", Amy McCarthy, Dallas Observer

irrational.City, group exhibition July 2015, Bath House Cultural Center. Witness the Post-Apocalyptic Chaos of Irrational City Dallas Observer


Collective Madness, Photo Novella Zine #3.

collective madness

Madness #3. You can't escape. We are all part of the collective madness. How we find or create meaning is obvious for some and a great mystery for others. Creating art, giving into greed, self interest may be paths for meaning more than logic and reason. Perhaps we are incapable of rising above self interest.

Link to PDF, also in print at Curiosities and Keith's Comics.